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Tom Cotton: Again with the fake news


TOM COTTON: So sure, so wrong.
  • TOM COTTON: So sure, so wrong.
When a three-judge panel refused to reinstate President Donald Trump's travel ban, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton responded instantly — and erroneously — with pithy criticism. Said Cotton:

This misguided ruling is from the Ninth Circuit, the most notoriously left-wing court in America and the most reversed court at the Supreme Court.
Whether Cotton gets his information from Sean Hannity, who said the same thing, or Hannity is informed by Cotton, both are wrong. Politifact reviewed the claim on reversal rate and found it false, as well as explaining the misleading nature of claims about reversal rates in general.


In our research, we found that the 9th Circuit has a higher-than-average reversal rate, but not the highest. Additionally, experts told us that counting reversals doesn’t necessarily say much about the quality or substance of the 9th Circuit’s work.

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