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Sean Spicer: Saturday Night Live is too mean



Much like many people remember Dana Carvey's impression of George H.W. Bush better than the president's actual way of speaking, I have a suspicion that Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer on "Saturday Night Live" is going to stick in the culture. When folks see Spicer up there angrily telling tall tales like a red-faced schoolboy caught without his homework, it's going to be hard not to immediately think of the caricature — McCarthy-as-Spicer.

Spicer, the president's propagandist who is paid with taxpayer dollars to tell bald-faced lies about easily verifiable facts to the American people, told Extra yesterday that he thought that the show was funny but McCarthy's performance "could dial back." Would Spicer apply such advice to himself, or his boss? Worth pondering. Be that as it may.

Spicer believes that SNL is too "mean." Particularly Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Dear Leader, which Spicer says has "gone from funny to mean."

"SNL used to be really funny," Spicer said. "There's a streak of meanness now that they've crossed over to mean."

A streak of meanness. Another concept worth pondering, perhaps.

May Trump and his lackeys be as tender and kind to all the citizens they represent as they are to themselves in their sensitive television criticism.

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