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Local scientists planning Trump protest in Little Rock to coincide with Earth Day March for Science



Good story from THV11 on local scientists and activists planning a local March for Science in Little Rock set for this April. A march is planned in Washington, D.C. and other cities around the country on Earth Day, April 22 to protest the Trump administration's approach to environmental regulation, climate change, scientific research, and objective reality.

The Women's March last month had a corresponding march in Little Rock that brought thousands to the Capitol.

Glen Hooks, director of the Arkansas Sierra Club, makes the case that Trump's alternative science should concern everyone:

If you’re a hunter, you should care about clean, healthy forests. If you’re a fisherman, you should care about clean water. If you’re a parent, you should care about the science of clean air. If you’re somebody who thinks their electric bills are too high, you should care about making sure that we have clean energy at an affordable cost. All of these things are the result of science.
Kori Bohon, P.h.D. student in applied biosciences, is one of the organizers of the march:

I know, in my field, we have a really hard time getting grants. Like, everybody’s fighting for grants, anyway. And then, when I heard he was wanting to deregulate the EPA and censor climate data, and all these things started upsetting me, because ... transparency in science, even if it’s not good for business, is really important.

When the administration started throwing around the term, ‘alternative facts, it gave people the impression that, just because you believe something, even in the face of evidence, that that’s okay; you don’t have to believe in the evidence because you believe in something else.
So far, nearly 2,000 people have joined the Facebook group promoting the event.

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