Inauguration day arrives. Don't worry. Be happy. | Arkansas Blog

Inauguration day arrives. Don't worry. Be happy.



Big day today in Washington. The inaugural parade won't include a show of military force (tanks, missile launchers) that the new president reportedly had desired to emulate the sort of show put on by his friend Vlad. Too much damage to the streets. But there will be flyovers by all branches of service.

The official Trump inaugural photograph, above, doesn't fill one with a warm glow.

Need a souvenir of the day? Our gift recommendation is an "In Trump we trust" coin from a Russian mint. (More seriously on the Russian front is the ongoing investigation of Russian links to Trump people.)


More party notes to come in Sunday's High Profile, no doubt, but here's one shot from Twitter on the Arkansas revelers on hand in D.C. today.


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