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Sad! Crowd indicators for the Trump inaugural


Indicator of Inauguration Day enthusiasm in Washington, as reported by the Washington Post:

Far more buses have applied to secure parking through the city for the Women’s March on Washington the day after inauguration than for the inauguration itself, D.C.Council member Charles Allen said Thursday.
The difference — 200 buses for one, 1,200 for the other — might be explained by an aversion to mass transit by MAGA people. It's kind of a city thing.

On a related note: The Arkansas Travelers, people who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, had made non-refundable room reservations at a D.C. hotel for the Inauguration. The day after the election, they called to cancel. The hotel said room charges could be refunded, less a cancellation fee, if all rooms were filled by others. That wasn't expected to be a problem, but ....  Yesterday, the Travelers learned the hotel had finally filled up the last room by bringing in visitors from elsewhere. The Travelers will get most of their money back.

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