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KARK: LRPD overtime detective pay down, unsolved killings up in 2016


KARK/Fox 16's Mitchell McCoy took a look last night at Little Rock Police Department expenditures at homicide detective overtime pay and noted a recent increase in unsolved cases against a drop in overtime pay expenditures for major crimes detectives.

Overtime pay has dropped from $363,750 in 2013 to $244,580 in 2016. In 2016, about half of the 42 homicides remain unsolved. In 2014, the report noted, 41 of 42 were solved.

This is a long way from enough information to draw solid conclusions. The police force generally is short on manpower for a variety of reasons — lack of recruits, competition and other factors. And, as Lt. Steve McClanahan notes:

"Many times, these cases have nothing to do with how much money in overtime we're paying. Sometimes you just have to catch a good break," says Lt. McClanahan.

It is hard, as recent events show, to run down the person who fired a random gunshot that killed a child.

Nonetheless, there are 67 vacancies at LRPD.

The first homicide of 2017, by the way, is so far unsolved. Police believe, however, that a man found shot to death Sunday night near 34th and Martin Luther King is believed to be a victim of gang disputes, fueled by social media comments.

Little Rock's homicide toll in 2016, for the record, was well short of tolls in the 60s in the early 1990s.

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