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Judge and pastor speaks up in the time of Trump


One person who won't be silenced by Donald Trump is Wendell Griffen, circuit judge and Baptist pastor. He has a new book out, "The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope." It's described this way:

...my attempt to help followers of Jesus — those social-justice minded pastors, congregational leaders, religious educators, grassroots activists and advocates and other faithful persons — to ponder one question: How are we to be committed to the cause of Jesus during and after the presidency of Donald J. Trump

A blurb from an emeritus professor at the Columbia Theological Seminary says "Griffen calls things by their right name, including white racism."

What Griffen needs, clearly, is for somebody to call attention to his book to Donald Trump. Preferably on a TV show, because books aren't high on Trump's source of reference material.

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