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Replace Obamacare? Easy.


Reader Sound Policy sends a link to a Hill article with a simple solution for repealing and replacing Obamacare:

Put everyone under Medicare.

The enrollment might be permanent, and at the prices that Medicare currently costs its participants, or it might be simply until such time as a viable replacement for ObamaCare is found, perhaps at the prices that those who would lose their ObamaCare coverage pay now. These particulars could be worked out quickly, particularly among lawmakers in a hurry to end ObamaCare.
Universal Medicare is an old idea. Simple. Universal coverage. Single payer (for the most part, the part that works well).

The key problem for majority Republicans, or at least many of them, is that transferring those currently covered to Medicare continues a government "entitlement" for lots of people. Others see health care as a fundamental right, as it is in most other advanced countries. They are not in the majority currently, however.

I fear the scam is health savings accounts and tax credits, which Republicans will depict as throwing no one off of health coverage as it forces millions off insurance because they have no savings and tax credits are worthless to those working to keep a roof over their heads and peanut butter on the table.

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