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New Hot Spring County sheriff suspects former deputies trashed office


NEW BOSS: Mike Cash.
  • NEW BOSS: Mike Cash.
Sarafina Brooks of KATV is reporting on Twitter that a change in the office of Hot Spring County sheriff has apparently produced an unhappy reaction among the former sheriff's workforce.

New sheriff Mike Cash is qu0ted by Brooks as saying former deputies "urinated throughout the dept., removed tags from evidence, put holes in the walls and trashed the patrol vehicles." Cash told Brooks he has asked the State Police to investigate.

Cash told Brooks 10 deputies under former Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth were no longer with the department. "He believes they're upset Hollingsworth was not re-elected." (As noted below, Hollingsworth did not run for re-election.)

KARK/Fox 16 provided some background on this earlier this month, when it reported unhappiness among deputies that they had been unable to talk with Cash about their future employment.

According to the current HSCSO administration the only communication with their 32 employee office in the last week is a local newspaper announcement in the classifieds. It notified the general public that those interested in a position at the HSCSO need to send an application to Cash’s P.O. box. Cash said Thursday that he will not hire anyone who fails to send in an application and that current employees still need to apply for re-hire. The ad indicated applications need to be sent by December 12. That gave people a six-day notice.

“To put an ad in classifieds like that and not even say anything to anybody, that’s poor,” said current Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth who says much of his team doesn’t read the classifieds regularly and only knew about it because a secretary came across it this week. Hollingsworth is retiring and did not run for re-election. He agreed to speak for his employees who worry they might not have a source of income starting January.
Cash, who ran as an independent, won the election in a run-off Nov. 29 with a Republican candidate, Woody Perry.

The State Police has not yet received a request for an investigation, a spokesman said Tuesday morning.

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