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Malvern teacher resigns over anti-Obama Facebook comments


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Trent Bennett, the Malvern high school science teacher who referred on Facebook to President Obama and his wife as apes, has resigned.

Reported KTHV: "In his resignation, he stated that he acknowledges that the posts were "disrespectful and offensive." In addition to quitting, Bennett has deleted his social media accounts."

KATV's Sarafina Brooks, who led reporting of story reported receiving this note from Bennett:

"I would like to issue an apology for the outrage and hurt feelings caused by these comments. I acknowledge that they were disrespectful and offensive. I am aware of the impact this has had, and though I negate that I have ever conducted myself in a less than professional manner in regard to my students, I have resigned my teaching position at Malvern High School. I have also removed my social media presence to prevent any future issues. I am unavailable for further statements or interviews, and humbly ask for everyone to respect the privacy of my family, friends, and former colleagues."

The NAACP had called for Bennett's resignation or firing.

UPDATE: At a special meeting today the Malvern School Board voted 6-0 to accept resignation.

MORAL: Even in hate-Obama Arkansas there are some public agencies that find it unacceptable to refer to the president and first lady of US as monkeys from Africa.  At least if you are caught out in public.

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