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Marijuana commission forges on in slow week


With a timeline dictated by the  constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for medical use, the Medical Marijuana Commission is meeting at 4 p.m. today in a Christmas-New Year week which finds most official activity in the state at a near standstill.
Note correction from earlier time.

Also, I got flummoxed in checking agenda. At the previous meeting the commission discussed the commission's role (a subject of some debate); a discussion of the timeline; the rulemaking process.

Today, the agenda indicates items for discussion include  a discussion of the legislature's role and draft rules for cultivation facilities and the application procedure.

Under the amendment, the commission must begin accepting applications for dispensary licenses by June, though there's been talk of attempting legislation to extend the time by two months.

The meeting is in the ABC offices at 1515 W. 7th. We'll have an update.

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