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Tip leads to arrest in road rage slaying of child UPDATED


  • MURDER SUSPECT: Gary Holmes
An arrest was made Thursday night of a suspect  in the road rage slaying of Acen King, 3, fatally wounded by a gunshot into a car after an exchange of horn honks at a Southwest Little Rock intersection.

He is Gary Holmes, 33, who listed a home address  on Winterwood near where the shooting took place, on Mabelvale Cutoff.

He surrendered to police, who'd obtained a warrant for his arrest and had enlisted the U.S. marshal's office in the search for him. He was charged with capital murder and terroristic threatening.

Police have said little about what led to identification of Holmes as a suspect, but a remark from Police Chief Kenton Buckner about "information" from the community suggested police might have received tips. A reward has been offered for information leading to a conviction. Subsequently, a news release said detectives got s tip that Holmes was driving the Impala from which a man stepped out and fired a shot.

The affidavit for the arrest warrant said three people were in the car Holmes was driving and that they weren't aware the shot had hit anyone until the next day, after news stories.  Holmes was driving his girlfriend's car and another man was a passenger.  Holmes, according to the affidavit, was upset because the car with the child had been following him too closely. He let the car pass and that led to the stop and honking. He  got out and fired a shot with a semi-automatic pistol that he carried in his lap. After, he reportedly made a remark to the effect "that's what you get when you follow me around."

King was in the backseat of his grandmother's car when a car behind her honked. She honked back. A man got out and fired a gun. She thought he'd fired in the air, but discovered the child had been shot when she arrived at a shopping center.

The police Friday afternoon released a full account of the crime and the steps that led to the arrest.

Here's the police account
NOTE: This item has been substantially revised since an original post Thursday night.

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