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Huckabee: Offered Trump administration spot, not 'right fit'


AT TRUMP TOWER: Not a 'good fit,' says Huckabee.
  • AT TRUMP TOWER: Not a 'good fit,' says Huckabee.
Mike Huckabee indicates  Donald Trump offered him a cabinet or advisory role in the administration Friday, but it wasn't a fit.

Huckabee had been mentioned earlier as a potential appointee to ambassador to Israel, but he dismissed those reports in a Twitter post yesterday evening. Later, he appeared on Fox News.

Reports  Politico on Huckabee's remarks on the O'Reilly Factor:

"We talked about an opportunity," Huckabee said. "But you know, I'm not sure it was the right fit."

Asked to elaborate on the nature of the position, Huckabee claimed to be in contention for both a cabinet and advisory role, but refused to go into details out of respect for others potentially under consideration.

"Primarily cabinet but as to which agency, the reason that I wouldn't discuss it is because somebody's going to get that slot and I don't want them to think that they are No. 2."

I've always thought a government job presented a problem for Huckabee, who's made a handsome living as a public speaker and Fox commentator. He'd be limited in outside income as a government employee. His $3 million Florida home, property in Little Rock and other expenses require a big cash flow.

Meanwhile, a final commentary in Haaretz, Israel's oldest daily newspaper, mostly expressing alarm about other Trump appointees , but also mentioning the Huckabee/Israel rumor.

And against this backdrop of general mayhem, even the reports of the impending appointment of Governor Mike Huckabee – which has since been denied, much to the regret of journalists and Messianics – is greeted with barely a shrug. After all, what is more natural than to send to current Israel an American envoy who opposes territorial concessions, negates the very existence of a Palestinian nation and believes in an Armageddon that will herald the Second Coming?
But his potty jokes would have been a laff riot in Jerusalem.

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