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Democrats look for ways to work with Trump


The New York Times reports that Senate Democrats are looking for ways to work with a Trump administration. Think trade policy, infrastructure spending, some family-friendly ideas like paid maternity leave.

Sounds like a good idea. Dividing the Republican Party, particularly on spending, might be not only sound politically but popular. Voters want an end to gridlock, don't they? Don't populists who supported Trump LIKE government help and intervention? They certainly do in the blood-red South, long a huge net importer of federal dollars.

The big question lingers: Who knows what to expect from Donald Trump?

Unfortunately, we do know what to expect from people like Sen. Tom Cotton, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Mike Huckabee, all mentioned as potential appointees to high government positions. Working with the opposition party has not been part of their DNA.

By the way: A special election would have to be held to fill a vacancy in a U.S. Senate seat, though the governor would appoint a temporary officeholder. The Arkansas Constitution provides for filling vacancies in the office of attorney general by gubernatorial appointment. But, as Donald Trump said to black voters, "What have you got to lose?"

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