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Do unto others: The election fallout


POPULAR ON TWITTER: A note from Donald Trump four years ago, after Barack Obama's re-election.
  • POPULAR ON TWITTER: A note from Donald Trump four years ago, after Barack Obama's re-election.

Speaking of Biblical injunctions: The Golden Rule wasn't much in evidence in some locations yesterday as we noted  — strife reported relative to election results.

I mentioned last night concern in Conway about such sentiment. The Log Cabin Democrat has a full report, to go with tension noted in Hamburg and Star City.

Social media posts complained of pro-Trump activities at Conway High that reportedly included Confederate flag display and hate speech. A School District official disputed the specific accounts for the most part, but the principal was prompted to read a statement to students saying hateful speech would not be tolerated. The article continued:

Despite statements released by the administration, one parent told the Log Cabin her two children, both enrolled in Conway schools, have experienced a different environment. She said her middle-school aged daughter came home Wednesday and reported that when the teacher left the classroom, one of her peers said she was going to be sent back to Africa. The parent and her children are all African American. The middle-school child also said students of Asian and Latino decent received similar comments.
She reported similar concerns from a high school child.
The concerned parent also provided the Log Cabin with information from her daughter about racial comments that were allegedly being tweeted and Snapchatted by a CHS student. One said “the [W]alker’s pre-ordered our bricks #TRUMPTRAIN” and the other said “y’all better get your bricks ready because that wall is going up soon! #trumptrain.”

The parent said her oldest daughter can handle the discrimination, but that she shouldn’t have to, and she is frustrated that this is happening to her daughters.
On the one hand: Elections have often spurred emotional disagreement. And school kids are kids, prone to make unkind remarks on a wide variety of topics. On the other hand, nativism was a distinct element of the Trump coalition. Signs of something worse than victory euphoria have been popping up all over (swastikas painted on buildings and the like). Donald Trump has complained that it is unfair for people to march in protest of his election. He would do well to say that it is unfair of his supporters to bully others.

PS: Pre-election, the Log Cabin printed an editorial from its sister paper in the Morris chain endorsing Donald Trump for president.  It was accompanied by an editor's note:

Editor’s Note: The Augusta Chronicle is a sister newspaper to the Log Cabin Democrat. Both newspapers are owned by Morris Communications headquartered in Augusta, Ga. This endorsement has been approved by the company. For more information on Morris Communications, log onto
The editorial said, "The very nature of America hangs in the balance."

Still true today. Maybe moreso.

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