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Arkansas goes for Trump: Democrats heading to sweep of top spots in Pulaski, however.



The networks called Arkansas as a victory for Donald Trump the minute the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. No surprise. Now for more local results:

The Pulaski County Election Commission has released the early vote in the county. It's about half the total and presumably representative of the county at large, though not a guarantee of outcomes, particularly in close races. The rundown (remembering that Pulaski votes more Democratic than the state as a whole), with rounded percentages for each candidate.

PRESIDENT:  Hillary Clinton 60, Donald Trump, 36.

U.S. SENATE: Democrat Conner Eldridge, 59, Republican Sen. John Boozman, 38.

2ND DISTRICT CONGRESS: Democrat Diane Curry, 52; Republican Rep. French Hill, 46; Libertarian Chris Hayes, 3.

ISSUE 3 (CORPORATE WELFARE). For 61, Against, 39.

ISSUE 6 (MEDICAL MARIJUANA) For 57, Against, 43.

LITTLE ROCK CITY DIRECTOR AT LARGE — Incumbent Gene Fortson, 52; Clayton Johnson, 25; Jason Ferguson, 24,.

LITTLE ROCK CITY DIRECTOR WARD 4 — Capi Peck 52, Jeff Yates. 49.

STATE LEGISLATIVE RACES: No changes in partisan representation at the moment, with one exception. Victoria Leigh of North Little Rock, a Democrat, is leading Carlton Wing, a Republican, 52-48 for a seat vacated by a Republican. Democrat Susan Inman is running strongly, but behind Republican Jim Sorvillo in western Little Rock, 48-52. UPDATE: as election day votes were added, Wing moved ahead.

QUORUM COURT: No partisan changes apparent in early voting. My old favorite, Democrat Kathy Lewison seems likely to triumph over yet another strong Republican challenge.

PULASKI COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD: Suffice to say that the slate of four candidates financed by money from the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce and friendly businessmen is sweeping to election victories. Sorry, teachers union. You're screwed.

Check the website for updates and further returns.

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