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Church and State: Sen. Rapert shall lead them to light



Sen. Jason Rapert, who's left the financial business to preach full-time, is taking his message about "believers" going to the polls to Cabot this Sunday.

It would jeopardize a church and preacher's tax-advantaged status to use the pulpit for direct partisan endorsements, but I suspect Rapert knows how to get his message across while preserving financial considerations. His political preference is clear. His very next Facebook post after the advertisement for his Sunday speaking role says:

Tell everyone you know - Hillary Clinton is not fit for the presidency. We cannot elect someone with criminal allegations against them.
And also in a later post:

Donald Trump has a real opportunity to win the White House. I know many of you are sharing posts and encouraging people to vote - Keep it up! 

Perhaps a Cabot congregant will ask Bro. Rapert for Christ's teaching about grabbing pussy.

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