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Arkansas AGs split on party lines re James Comey


DEFENDS JAMES COMEY: A.G. Leslie Rutledge.
  • DEFENDS JAMES COMEY: A.G. Leslie Rutledge.
Steve Clark and Dustin McDaniel, both of whom have served as Arkansas attorney general, have signed a bipartisan letter from 36  state attorneys general criticizing FBI Director James Comey's statement last week about Hillary Clinton e-mails. They said it was "unacceptable and unfair." Politico reports on the development.

Both Clark and McDaniel are Democrats. Republican Attorney General Leslie Rutledge did not join the letter, of course. She issued a statement reported by 40/29:

"The FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation shows just how serious these new revelations must be, but unfortunately many on the left who were singing Director Comey’s praises for months are now trying to attack his credibility as an unbiased public servant in their hypocritical effort to politicize the process."
For the record, some on the left thought Comey, a Republican, smarmily handled the earlier unavoidable conclusion that Clinton had committed no crime by going out of his way to salt his remarks with quotes usable by obliging Republican critics of Clinton. Rutledge is like many on the right who weren't happy about that decision but are quite happy with the 11th hour innuendo.

Rutledge gives no indication of what evidence she has about the seriousness of the "revelations" — a review of emails to or from Huma Abedin, a top aide to Clinton, found on her estranged husband's computer. When Comey announced they would be reviewed, he acknowledged he had no idea what they contained, but they might be 'pertinent.' The FBI now has a warrant to search them.

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