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Early turnout holds hope for Clinton


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The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton's organizational advantage appears to be driving an advantage for Democrats in early voting in swing states.

Perhaps, the article suggests, this will mitigate the fallout from revived attention to Clinton's e-mails on account of a new FBI review of e-mail found on aide Huma Abedin's home computer in the course of an unrelated investigation of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner.

Perhaps. The issue IS more about swing states than national voting, that shows Trump and Clinton in a tight race. Each will enjoy huge margins in states reflective of their base — such as Arkansas for Trump. The swing states are the issue. Such as Pennsylvania, which has no early voting to speak of and so presumably could be most affected if the e-mail proves a negative for Clinton.

Investigators have now obtained a warrant to review the e-mail. Can they reach a satisfactory conclusion about its significance by election deay? Seems doubtful. That can cut both ways, though I think the unknown is most advantageous to Clinton's enemies because — absent facts — it can be spun into almost anything.

UPDATE: The Whit House says it will neither defend nor criticize James Comey.

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