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Vote suppression efforts continue in U.S.


  • Brian Chilson
This is one to watch in Arkansas. The New York Times reports on incidents nationwide in which Republican-controlled states where voter ID laws have been invalidated in court have found other ways to make it hard for voters to cast ballots

Requirements to register have been stiffened — only an original birth certificate will do in one state for proof of eligibility. Voting hours have been made less convenient to working class voters. Voters have been disqualified for minor application discrepancies. Some poll officials still enforce laws that have been struck down. (You may not be required to show an ID in Arkansas polls, though this fact isn't always understood by poll workers.) Some states have mounted voter purges that have required court action to rectify.

The vote is a precious thing, hard won and hard to sustain.

The article doesn't include the decision in Wisconsin to deny a voting center on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus because too many students vote Democratic. This is reminiscent of Washington County, Ark., where the Republican-controlled County Election Commission refused to set up a voting center at the University of Arkansas, even though student government offered to pay the cost. Partisan proclivities weren't a factor, the Republicans insisted.

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