Group forms to combat medical marijuana legalization ballot initiatives | Arkansas Blog

Group forms to combat medical marijuana legalization ballot initiatives


Steve Brawner at Talk Business reports on a group which has formed to fight medical marijuana legalization efforts: 
An effort is forming to oppose ballot initiatives that would legalize medial marijuana, saying it would lead to increased use of the drug and, eventually, full legalization.

The Coalition for Safer Arkansas Communities held an informational meeting Friday that included a message from Terry Benham of Impact Management, who is managing the group’s campaign, Keep Arkansas Safe. The main speaker was Little Rock native and Colorado resident Henny Laster of Smart Colorado, a group that opposes marijuana legalization in that state.
The group, which was created in January, has a website:

The website was built by Impact Management, which is managing the group's campaign, according to the group's president, Kevin Russell. Payments to Impact of $1,000 in May and $1,000 in June were reported on the group's filings to the Ethics Commission Commission (the last two months' filings are not currently available on the Ethics Commission site; they were made on time by the group but were erroneously not included by the Commission, which is in the process of fixing the error). 

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