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Hello from Philadelphia


Jay Barth here.  I'll be in Philadelphia for the week passing along what I see at the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton will be nominated.   The Arkansas delegation has much better digs than four years ago in Charlotte when I was a delegate. (This time I'm just along for the ride.) Then, Arkansas was at a hotel out in the boonies and the delegation was in the nosebleed section of the convention hall. This year, the delegation hote
l is across the street from Independence Park and a relatively short walk to the Wells Fargo Center where the evening events will take place. In addition to the delegates, a number of Arkansans with a long history with Bill and Hillary Clinton ("hangers on" in John Brummett's terminology) have come along to see Clinton make a little history. On Wednesday, Bill Clinton will appear with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others at a fundraiser for the Arkansas Democratic Party.  More observations and analysis in the days to come.

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