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UPDATE: UA clears union because of suspicious package


The University of Arkansas announced that it had cleared the student union in Fayetteville because of a suspicious package. The bomb squad of the Fayetteville police department is investigating.

A package viewed as suspicious for undisclosed reasons prompted a check by a bomb-sniffing dog which alerted to the contents, according to other media accounts.

I'm always hesitant to mention potential threats because of the copycat factor. But this comes amid rumors that have been sweeping the city of Little Rock for more than a week about a "Days of Rage" protest on July 15 by the Anonymous collective. Snopes notes that this rumor has circulated before. A variety of agencies and businesses have taken some security precautions on account of the rumors, but as yet I've not hard a substantiated report of a threat.

The same rumor has prompted a public statement about a response in Memphis.

Update from UA:

All clear. Turned out the package being mailed contained a wireless weather station. The dog responded to the chemicals in the wires. Bentonville bomb Squad was called in to investigate, determined what was in the package. Call came in around 2 p.m. all clear was about 4:15 p.m. Union is re-opened.

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