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England swings. Is Brexit an idea worth importing to Arkansas?



Yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court immigration decision, the top headline in the morning Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, was a big deal and, in its way, not unrelated to the much bigger deal in Great Britan, as displayed above in this morning's New York Times.

Immigration policy was one of the undercurrents of the British vote. But I won't attempt an analysis. Safe to guess I'm in the vast majority here, with little study on which to base an informed opinion. It does seem safe to say there will be fallout here, in immediate market impact if nothing else.

I note the reaction of Arkies on Twitter and elsewhere tended to overwhelmingly fall on party lines. Trumpians and other nativist Republicans (I'm looking at you Sen. Tom Cotton) instinctively liked Great Britain's in-your-face to the, as Cotton calls, them "Eurocrats." Liberal types tended to favor status quo.

I don't know the influence of "Eurocrats" in Scotland and Northern Ireland, both on the #remain end of the ledger. London and other major cities also wanted to stick with the European Union, but you know what kind of people tend to live in big cities, as opposed to more enlightened places like Dardanelle.

The events did start me dreaming again about Hillcrexit. (Arkansayonara is no good. I'd just be wholly dependent on the current Republican machine, cut off from the leavening political influence of Justice Anthony Kennedy's periodic moments of reason.)

Pul-out might work. But the independent state of Pulaski County would include problematic blocs of Sherwood, Maumelle and Jacksonville (keeping our own Air Force might be a plus, though it's a tactical rather than combat operation. Amazon might need us for delivery support.) Little Rock-on seems more workable for secession, though an explosive birth rate west of I-430 could alter the balance of political power over time.

It still appears Hillcrexit is the best path. The Free State of Hillcrest. Helmich's old garage ought to do for the new statehouse. And, of course, we'd build no walls.

And if not Hillcrexit, can I at least get a second for Texit?

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