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American Medical Association: Gun deaths a 'public health crisis'


  • BBC/based on UNODC
The Hill reports on the American Medical Association's declaration that gun deaths are a public health crisis and that it will lobby to allow federal research.

The gun nuts will mount the barricades, fully armed, against the leading organization of physicians. Research is NOT gun control, of course. But federally backed research is poison because of the NRA and gun nuts' fear that it might produce some productive ideas on reducing the toll of gun deaths, a scourge on the U.S. Read here how, despite an executive order, the CDC is afraid to resume research or even talk about the subject.

Research might lead, for example, to safer guns, as transportation research has led to safer cars and laws that encourage safer driving. Safer cars and driving have reduced the fatality rate, but nobody has yet banned cars.

This is the kind of reasonable thing on which reasonable people should be able to agree. Nobody ever confused the gun nuts with reasonable people.

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