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Charles Pierce calls Tom Cotton a sadistic swine for 'weaponizing' Cassandra Butts


I wrote last night about Sen. Tom Cotton's hateful use of a good woman as a pawn against President Obama. Result: Thanks to Cotton, Cassandra Butts' nomination to an ambassadorship was held up for more than two years so Cotton could score a point on Obama. Cotton claimed he respected Butts, who died of leukemia before she could be confirmed. Some respect.

Today, Charles Pierce of Esquire has a run at Cotton, who's fallen under his sharp gaze before. The windup:

Because of all the noise at the top of the news, a weekend column from Frank Bruni in The New York Times hasn't received nearly as much attention as it deserves. We note it here because it involves Senator Tom Cotton, the bobble-throated pen-pal of the mullahs from the state of Arkansas, who is somebody at the top of everyone's list of potential Republican saviors if the Trumpageddon really does befall the party.

Some people are ideologues. Some people are charlatans. Some people are opportunists. And some people are simply raging, flaming holes of pure ass. As Bruni's column makes clear, at least in the case of Tom Cotton, these categories are far from mutually exclusive.
And here's the delivery, after a retelling of the story.

Tom Cotton weaponized a dying woman's final days in order to "inflict special pain" on the president. Tom Cotton is a petty, sadistic swine who has the basic conscience of a cholera outbreak. He should be shamed from office, and he should be shunned by decent people.

God, I hope there's a hell, and that it's as advertised by Dante.

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