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Running with Tom Cotton


SOCIAL MEDIA: The Cotton Twitter effort highlights his recent penchant for name-calling.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: The Cotton Twitter effort highlights his recent penchant for name-calling.

Politico takes a run with
Sen. Tom Cotton, who's ready to be on a ticket with Trump, run for president 2020 or whatever.

The Arkansas senator is certainly a man in a hurry. At 39 he’s the youngest senator, elected in 2014 after a single term in the House. If Donald Trump loses in November, the veteran of two wars and Harvard Law grad is sure to be the focus of 2020 presidential chatter.
The article gently touches on the idea that Cotton's abrasiveness could use some buffing.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tried to offer some gentle guidance for Cotton, saying he hopes the senator will help expand the party's appeal beyond the traditional constituencies that elected him in Arkansas.

“More Hispanics, more young women, more African Americans, I think that's the future. People of his age and generation, he could be...” Graham said, cutting himself off from offering Cotton explicit advice. “It depends on what he wants to do … He’s feisty. I’ve been feisty. But you’ve got to balance being feisty and being effective. I think he can do both.”
Cotton hasn't shown much balance in Arkansas, except for his social media push to fill Twitter and Facebook with wooden grip-and-grins with visiting Arkies amid harsh jabs at his Democratic enemies.

Succor for Latino immigrants? Full medical self-determination for women? Equal rights for gay people? A foreign policy where a call to arms isn't the preferred option? So far, none in evidence from Tom Cotton.

Politico goes easy on Cotton, crediting him for humor and "biting sarcasm."  I think his recent spat of Senate floor name-calling is playground stuff.  But, given Donald Trump's success, who's to say it's not a smart calculation?


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