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Little Rock's School Board MIA at graduation


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A note from a "disgruntled Little Rock School District employee" who attended graduation for Central High School last night:

The LRSD School Board was ALWAYS present at high school graduations. Even when they obviously disliked each other, members of the School Board would show leadership by sitting politely together on the stage at graduation ceremonies.

Where was Johnny Key at the LRSD graduation ceremonies this week? He's the School Board. His absence was conspicuous tonight at Central High's graduation.

Support the local community, Mr. Key! You're our School Board.

Johnny Key is the state education commissioner. Just because he runs the Little Rock School District now because of the state takeover, it's probably unreasonable to expect his attendance at important LRSD events. Soon enough, if he and the Waltons have their way, it will all be privatized anyway.

But, in the meanwhile, this note is a small taste of the disenfranchisement felt by those in Little Rock who still care about the school district. We have no say. And they person who has the ONLY say ...... absent.

Baker Kurrus, the superintendent fired by Key for expressing opposition to continued damaging charter school expansion in Little Rock (including of abysmally performing charter schools), DID speak at Central graduation. He was quoted by a person there:

"Life is full of surprises. I've had a few myself lately."

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