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Just deserts for Kenneth Starr



Michael Tomasky, writing in the Daily Beast,
says sharply what many here feel: The reported (but not yet confirmed) firing of Baylor University President Kenneth Starr for poor response to sexual assault by football players is ironic justice. The main headline says it all, but there's also this subhead:

A good Christian’s incredible hypocrisy may finally be catching up to him.
Then Tomasky really gets revved up.

Ken Starr isn’t exactly in Bill Cosby territory, but with the revelation that he’s apparently being canned from the presidency of Baylor University for ignoring charges of sexual misconduct by football players, he has made himself into one of the most exquisite hypocrites of our age. ....

Here is morality according to Starr, who by the way is (of course) a great Christian. It’s appropriate to expose sexual misconduct (wrong, but consensual) when it gives you a shot at bringing down a president you loathe and creating a constitutional crisis over a few blow jobs. But when sexual misconduct risks messing with the football team, well by God, you brush it under the rug! You’re in Texas, boy.
After a full explanation of the tortured course of the dry hole of the Whitewater investigation, Tomasky comments:
His conduct was reprehensible. He put dozens of totally innocent aides through legal hell. His office illegally leaked grand jury material left and right to friendly reporters. He lied repeatedly and publicly about Madison Guaranty, Susan McDougal and her ex-husband’s bank. And he wrapped himself in a cloak of self-righteousness the entire time, and the media, which had turned into a mob, was almost wholly on his side.
He quotes our comment from Betsey Wright, one of those bankrupted by Starr's unholy pursuit of Bill Clinton.

And the great man has been silent on multiple allegations of sexual assault. 

And Donald Trump wants to dig into Whitewater.

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