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None dare call I-30 a boulevard


I have to note that consultants speaking to the Little Rock City Board last night talked of how nice it would be if the four lanes the highway department wants to add to Interstate 30 (to make 10) would be boulevard-like in appearance, with shrubs and such. In response to one question, they even said the ideal way to distribute I-30 traffic onto the city grid would be an intersection with the so-called "collector" lanes at every east-west cross street. Kind of like, well, a boulevard.

All but the pointy headed idealists have rejected the idea of a boulevard to move traffic through town rather than a freeway 12 lanes and wider at some points, with the third-widest bridge in the whole United States.

The consultants liked the idea of building a bridge wide enough to accommodate as-yet unknown and unanticipated demand. Between the Tech Park job explosion and all the people we intend to drive to Cabot and Sheridan to live on account of  crime and a charterized shambles of a  school district, no telling how wide that bridge needs to be.

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