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Putting up a parking lot for a tech park


  • Brian Chilson

The photo is of demolition work Wednesday on the former Stephens Inc. building on Capitol Avenue just west of Scott that is being torn down as part of area development for the Little Rock Tech Park.

The building had to go to create parking for Tech Park offices. A parking deck is also in the plans. Because, as we know, nobody in Little Rock will work at a place that doesn't have abundant free parking spaces right outside their office door. (Unless you are a poor schlub who works for a company without the deep pockets of a publicly financed or government agency. It is a given in Little Rock that public workers deserve a situation in which  their feet need not be soiled by the earth of Little Rock before jumping into a car to go home to Cabot.)

I hear tell, by the way, there are new residences springing up all over downtown Little Rock. In my very own office, we have at least one foot and two bike commuters. If we had free parking at the door, maybe they would get with the program and drive.

It will be a signal victory if the Tech Park can be developed withOUT Dickson Flake's dream of "skywalks" so that workers need not be exposed to the mean streets of Little Rock as they cross-pollinate among the tech ventures. It created a lovely streetscape farther south on Main around the DHS building and parking monolith.

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