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Lamoureux's future employment?


The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette didn't get much farther with gubernatorial chief of staff Michael Lamoureux on his future employment plans than anyone else, but it did mention his connection with U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, a good friend. He's not joining Cotton's staff, a spokesman said.

By law, Lamoureux can't be a state-level lobbyist for a year. But he could work on government at the federal level. And the Cotton connection raises a connection that our readers mentioned last night.

As we've reported before, one of Tom Cotton's major backers and friends is P.T. Sanders, head of the Danville-based Arkwest Communications. The link speaks of some helpful federal money Arkwest received from the USDA, one case of pork barreling Tom Cotton did NOT decry.

Lamoureux also has a connection with P.T. Sanders and Arkwest. While a member of the Arkansas Senate, Lamoureux carried tax increase legislation to produce $20 million a year for rural telephone companies, including Arkwest, to expand broadband service. At the time, Lamoureux acknowledged he had worked as a private lawyer for Arkwest and also some other rural phone companies. He said they'd been friends for years. He saw no conflict in carrying legislation for a paying legal client.

Might a future relationship with Arkwest and P.T. Sanders be in the offing? I've asked Lamoureux by e-mail.  Also about the possibility that John Goodson's lobbying firm in Washington could be a possibility.

PS: An often reliable source says I can forget the possibility that Betty Guhman will rise to chief of staff after Lamoureux's departure. Others have been interviewed for the job. 

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