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From Trump to City Hall: The politics of revolution and some names to watch


CAPI PECK: She's planning to run for City Board. - BRIAN CHILSON
  • Brian Chilson
  • CAPI PECK: She's planning to run for City Board.
Polls show that a huge majority of voters think national politics are broken and need something akin to revolution — thus the appeal of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The feeling doesn't stop at the national level. An end to business (spending) as usual certainly contributed to the rising Republican tide at the legislature.

And city politics could be ripe for infection with the fever, too.

Consider the Little Rock Board of Directors, generally not highly regarded. There are people interested in upending the old order. Some names to watch:

* CAPI PECK. The Trio's restaurateur was among those cheering speakers at yesterday's rally protesting the state's operation of the Little Rock School District. She told me she's running for City Board of Directors this year, for the ward seat now held by long-term incumbent Brad Cazort, who hasn't yet indicated whether he'll seek another term.  Peck is a tireless activist. Give her a cause and she'll run with it. There's a lot about city government that she thinks can be improved and I look forward to her outlining those ideas before November.

MOLLY MILLER: Opposing Joan Adcock.
  • MOLLY MILLER: Opposing Joan Adcock.
* MOLLY MILLER. She's a young, impressive graduate of Hendrix and the UAMS public health program, with another master's soon to come from the Clinton School of Public Service. She's running against eternal incumbent Joan Adcock, whose bullying, retrograde outlook would be a welcome sight in a rear-view mirror. She'll be tough to beat. The Chamber of Commerce will reward her with money for her service to them, including in the devastation of the Little Rock School District. Money is important in running for an at-large seat. But Miller is building a social media presence quickly and she's already won friends for standing up against the Interstate 30 concrete chasm project and also joining in support of Baker Kurrus. Adcock supported the charter school expansions that Kurrus got fired for opposing, so you may take her token vote on a meaningless city board resolution for Kurrus with a shaker of salt.

* BAKER KURRUS. He's long harbored an interest in public service through elected office beyond the School Board seat he once held. He won many friends with his solid leadership of the Little Rock School District. He's handled his dismissal with grace. There's a brush fire of talk that he should run for Little Rock mayor (a small consideration perhaps in current Mayor Mark Stodola belatedly getting off the school sidelines AFTER Kurrus was fired.) That election is a couple of years off. Maybe he could jump into one of the other at-large director races on the ballot this year to build a foundation. Terms of both Gene Fortson and Dean Kumpuris are expiring.

What's not to like in a little revolution now and then?

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