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Out in Arkansas still on, but with new leadership


Bryan Borland, who we announced yesterday as editor of our forthcoming LGBTQ pub, Out in Arkansas, has decided not to take the position. 

More soon on the future of Out in Arkansas. For now, I'll just say that we remain committed to bringing it to life, and we wish Bryan the best and will be following his career closely.

Here's his statement:

Life is funny and strange. Sometimes a person can go years without doors opening, and sometimes they open all at once. Yesterday, the Arkansas Times announced I'd be editor of their forthcoming Out in Arkansas. Simultaneous to that announcement, another opportunity came along that I'll be able to talk more about in the near future, one that would severely limit the time I could put into Out in Arkansas. It wouldn't be fair to jump into a role that requires 110% when I could only give less than that. For that reason, after talking to people that care deeply about this project, I've decided to allow other people to be considered for this role. Out in Arkansas has my full support, and I wouldn't make this decision if I didn't think it was the right one for everyone involved. 

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