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A card for Jason Rapert; it isn't a sympathy card from women



That anonymous group sending mailers into districts of senators who'd been holding up approval of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in Arkansas put a card together for Sen. Jason Rapert as well, even though he voted for the scam in which a vote AGAINST Obamacare was actually a vote FOR it.

Rapert is moaning that this isn't Obamacare. But of course that's one thing the Terrible Ten was right about. No Obamacare, no tens of millions of dollars for Arkansas's version of the Medicaid expansion (not to mention providing money for the governor's highway plan and more tax cuts for the wealthy.)

But the group doing the mailing still distributed a gig of Rapert, who wrung some additional cover for himself out of Gov. Asa Hutchinsona letter requesting that Arkansas be allowed to deny coverage of emergency contraception. The morning-after pill covered by Medicaid is NOT an abortion, scientists agree. Bro./Dr. Rapert says it is baby killing.  Gov./Dr. Hutchinson is all too happy to go along to throw some red meat to that part of the GOP base. It only hurts  women seeking to avoid becoming pregnant after unprotected sex.  What's the big deal? They can just say no to the menfolk if they want to avoid paying for their own medication. At least those who aren't rape victims can.

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