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Opponents propose to end Medicaid expansion


Sen. Bart Hester early today filed legislation to end the Medicaid expansion program in Arkanas by the end of the year. Here's the bill. His ally Rep. Bob Ballinger has a similar proposal in the House.

A nonappropriation bill can't be considered without a two-thirds vote. The idea is, thus, DOA. To begin with, no Democrat will vote to end insurance coverage for 267,000 people. Some Republicans feel that way, too.

Also this morning: House Speaker Jeremy Gillam filed a resolution allowing the 30-day session to be extended until May 27, a two-week extension. The resolution anticipates a recess on May 20.

Also: House Democrats have written a letter to Speaker Gillam asking that no votes on appropriations be taken until the Medicaid spending bill is decided because of its enormous impact on the budget should it fail.

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