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The pope, climate change, charity, Krugman: Things to like this morning



These things stood out in the early morning fog of quick perusal of newspapers, favorite websites and email:

* CLIMATE CHANGE: The YouTube at top from Vox is one of the clearest depictions I've seen about why — despite the record of vast changes in temperatures on the planet over time — the current conditions bear far more concern.

* POPE FRANCIS: I'll take incremental improvement where I can find it. Reports the New York Times:

In a broad proclamation on family life, Pope Francis on Friday called for the Roman Catholic Church to be more welcoming and less judgmental, and he seemingly signaled a pastoral path for divorced and remarried Catholics to receive holy communion.

The 256-page document — known as an apostolic exhortation and titled “Amoris Laetitia,” Latin for “The Joy of Love” — calls for priests to welcome single parents, gay people and unmarried straight couples who are living together.
* PAUL KRUGMAN ON BERNIE SANDERS: It will  upset the Bernie Bros, but the prize-winning columnist joins those who say Bernie Sanders fails to elucidate coherently on his key campaign theme — the attack on banks. "Easy slogans over hard thinking,"  Krugman observes. He also gets personal about the increasingly rancorous debate with Hillary Clinton:
Some Sanders supporters responded angrily when these concerns were raised, immediately accusing anyone expressing doubts about their hero of being corrupt if not actually criminal. But intolerance and cultishness from some of a candidate’s supporters are one thing; what about the candidate himself?
Krugman offers several specifics, but bridles at the assertion by Sanders that Clinton is unfit for office based on past judgments with which he disagrees.

.....Holding people accountable for their past is O.K., but imposing a standard of purity, in which any compromise or misstep makes you the moral equivalent of the bad guys, isn’t.
Conclusion by Krugman:

The Sanders campaign has brought out a lot of idealism and energy that the progressive movement needs. It has also, however, brought out a streak of petulant self-righteousness among some supporters. Has it brought out that streak in the candidate, too?
Krugman is, I guess, just another one "in the tank" as the Bros like to say about any who might have reasons — principled or otherwise — to prefer a candidate other than their own.

* FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY: Some $4 million was raised yesterday in Arkansas Gives, a project of the Arkansas Community Foundation to provide some matching money for gifts to qualifying charities. I was pleased to see that a charity I'd mentioned — Lucie's Place, a shelter for LGBT youth — got the greatest number of individual donations among small charities — 196 — in raising $22,000. I was sorry to learn late in the day about Benji Hardy's chosen charity. I'd have plugged it too. It's El Zocalo Immigrant Resource Center and it's never too late to help a worthy cause. Find them on Facebook here.

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