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Hutchinson, Senate candidate appeal to better interests


Interesting coincidence:

With Gov. Asa Hutchinson speaking to a joint session of the legislature — describing the real Arkansans who now have health insurance under the Medicaid expansion enabled by President Obama's Affordable Care Act — I got a news release from Conner Eldridge, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.

Eldridge reiterated his support for the state's use of the Medicaid expansion. His opponent, Republican Sen. John Boozman, has said he'd have no qualms at ending the federal support, even though it would through 250,000 Arkansans off health insurance.

The bipartisan Private Option is incredibly important to so many working families in this state, and it's irresponsible for Senator Boozman to continue to support repeal of this law without offering any alternative,” said Eldridge. “However, that does not mean I think the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is perfect. There are still problems with the law and our health care system that must be addressed. For example, we need increased tax credits for small businesses so that providing health care doesn’t mean eliminating jobs. As a senator, I will lead on important issues and work with both parties to find commonsense solutions to the problems faced by Arkansas families.
Hutchinson said he might have done things differently than Obama. But he said he has inherited a system he has to live and govern by. And he touted some changes he's proposed in the private option program to encourage individual responsibility and accountability.

"Come now and let us reason together," the governor said, quoting a favorite Biblical text.

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