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Anti-abortionists continue to punish women


It is laughable — dishonest is more like it — when Republicans say they are all about the fetus, not about punishing adult women who make legal medical choices.

Latest example: Missouri.

There, legislators are pressing to jail the head of Planned Parenthood unless she violates federal privacy laws by turning over records that would allow Missouri zealots to learn the names of all Missouri women who've obtained abortions at the state's one remaining abortion clinic.

This illustrates concern for women?

Speaking of abortion: It hasn't gotten high attention in Arkansas media, but the Los Angeles Times has been reporting at length about the fraudulent tactics used by an anti-abortion activist to cook up a now widely debunked video alleging illegal traffic in fetal tissue by Planned Parenthood. Not a single investigation has yet produced an adverse finding against Planned Parenthood, but it hasn't stopped people like Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson from trying to cut off funding for a wide variety of women's health services (not including abortion) at Planned Parenthood. The maker of the video has been targeted in an investigation by the California attorney general.

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