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Terror: Multiple blasts in Belgium


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  • TERROR IMAGES: From Brussels.

News reports say 23 are dead and 45 injured in multiple blasts in the airport and a subway station in 

UPDATE: The death toll is up to 28. Explosions in the ticket counter area of the huge Brussels airport show that the billions spent to protect travelers against terrorism in flight weren't a deterrent to terrorizing travelers.

The numbers continue to fluctuate, with an 11:30 a.m. count put at 30 deaths and more than 200 injured.

ALSO: Politicians hit social media quickly with the familiar "thoughts and prayers" response, and Sen. Tom Cotton added his usual bellicose note:

... There are holes in our allies' counterterror, counter-radicalization, and intelligence sharing capabilities. We must lead in helping to fill those holes. And we must finally execute a real strategy that brings the war to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, that puts America in the lead, and that destroys this civilizational cancer at its source.....
A roundup of presidential candidate responses here.

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