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Snow day open line. Also, contraceptives.



In case anyone is paying attention to anything but the weather, here's an open line. Also:

* CONTRACEPTIVES: Here's another trick pony for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to ride. She's pitching in with some other Republican a.g.'s to argue in court against the no-cost contraceptive coverage from group health insurance guaranteed women in the Affordable Care Act. She claims to be standing up for the "religious beliefs" of nonprofit corporations. Understand there have been numerous religious accommodations in law and rule, but the extreme right wants to do all it can to prevent contraceptives from reaching women. A Rutledge release:

“Religious freedom was deeply rooted in and served as a guiding force for our nation’s founding,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Yet some would prefer to ignore the sincerely-held religious beliefs of nonprofits and force them to act inconsistently with those beliefs. Federal law does not allow this, but instead guarantees them the freedom to exercise their religious beliefs. Many nonprofits throughout Arkansas and across the country provide care and hope to countless individuals and communities. As Attorney General, I will not sit idly by while a political agenda from Washington D.C. assaults the faith and convictions of religious nonprofits.”

See, it burdens religion for a nonprofit corporation to have an employee able to get free birth control pills.


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