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New private club files membership list


INTERESTED: 132 people have signed up to be members of a private club planned for the Packet House.
  • INTERESTED: 132 people have signed up to be members of a private club planned for the Packet House.
Russ Racop, a Little Rock man who has an abiding interest in Alcoholic Beverage Control Division regulatory matters, has shared with me papers filed by organizers of 1836 Club, a private club to be established in the historic Packet House on Cantrell Road.

The club, whose backers include Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, is moving through the regulatory process, which includes permitting by ABC. Racop asked for public records on the application and received an extensive file.

I found them interesting because they included the names of 132 potential members. Hutchinson has said the membership will be capped at 300. Membership will cost individuals $250 a month. Other club revenue will come from bar and private event business. A restaurant is planned, but it will be operated independently.

Is there a demand for a place to meet, have a drink, smoke a cigar, shoot pool and have a meal with a view of the nearby Capitol dome? Some at least.

Here's the paperwork Racop obtained, with the list of members down the stack of pages.
Some familiar names, also friends and family of organizers. One page of members is missing in the file provided by the Department of Finance and Administration.

UPDATE: I've had a call from someone whose name is on the list who says she knows nothing about the club. Checking.

UPDATE II: Sen. Hutchinson says that, though the documents include a checklist with a reference to a membership list, the list of names attached is actually a list of names of people willing to be members of the nonprofit corporation that would obtain the club's private club permit. It is not a commitment to be a paying member, though he said he expected many would be. He said the names were assembled by organizers and friends from among friends and associates.

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