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Report: Huckabee backers helping Rubio in Iowa


A report in the National Review (no liberal journal) says supporters of  Mike Huckabee and another past Iowa caucus winner, Rick Santorum, are so unhappy that Ted Cruz has stolen their thunder with Iowa evangelicals that they are working to help Marco Rubio.

My link is to a report in New York magazine casting doubt on the report for thin sourcing and Iowa caucus structural issues. Moving support to Rubio will only guarantee a loss for their favorite candidates (though most expect Iowa to be the end of the road for these two regardless.)

New York speculates this is a Rubio campaign plant. He's a little desperate, too. Despite a growing warmth for him among "mainstream" Republicans, he's still lagging behind Donald Trump and Cruz.

The 538 website also compiled this interesting chart on the "ground game" in Iowa, as measured by paid staffers at work in the state. If polls mean anything, the numbers don't translate to support. But the Iowa caucuses are a funny creature.


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