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Death at gun range ruled a suicide


From the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Police say a 25-year-old woman shot herself fatally after renting a gun last Tuesday at Sturm's Indoor Gun Range in Springdale.

When it was reported last week that deaths by gun in the U.S. had matched traffic deaths, I noted several attempted to discredit the report by saying, well, a lot of the gun deaths were suicide. A rise in those deaths offset a drop in homicides by gun. Cold comfort.

It seems to me that suicide by gun is a more reliable method than some others. Thus, it would seem that greater availability of guns could be a contributing factor in more gun suicides. Just as more guns in the home could be a factor in more accidental gun deaths in homes.

Again: Congress should stop preventing funding of comprehensive collection of data on guns as a public safety issue. The 2nd Amendment doesn't prohibit gun research. But it does dishonor the 1st Amendment to squelch such inquiry.

Sturm's website provides this information on gun rental:

Firearm Rentals

A variety of firearms are available to rent for use at our range. Handgun rentals start at $5.00 plus ammunition. Due to insurance regulations you must purchase ammunition used in rental firearms from us.

In the past we have offered rentals of Sub-Machine guns, however due to the current ammo situation we have suspended rentals of SMG's.

The range does place some limits on ammo:

* No ammunition with a velocity of greater than 2000fps allowed.

* No armor piercing, explosive, incendiary, steel core, or tracer ammunition allowed.

We do not allow ANY ammunition that attracts a magnet. This commonly includes Tula, Wolf, and Monarch Steel. This is not a complete list. All ammunition brought in will be tested before we allow it into our range

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