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Duggar TV about a paycheck? Say it ain't so.


LOTS OF DUGGARS: Some on TV, some not. - INSTAGRAM/FOX 411
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  • LOTS OF DUGGARS: Some on TV, some not.

Here's a Fox report
on apparent contention within the vast Duggar clan over the return of a couple of Duggar daughters, Jill and Jessa, to reality TV on TLC soon after the end of the larger Duggar entry, "19 and Counting," after the Josh Duggar scandal broke out.

Boiling it down: Some are getting on TV and some are not. There seems to be some unhappiness about anybody being on TV at this "sensitive" time, particularly Josh Duggar's wife, Anna, who apparently gets air time in a coming three-part special. Nothing like the sniffing wronged spouse of a sinner to draw in a crowd, whether at a tent revival or its modern day cableTV equivalent.

Jessa and Jill also talk about their older brother, who checked himself into a faith-based rehab center in Illinois in August, in the upcoming special. "I cried a lot of tears," Jill admits. "My first thoughts were for Anna."

However, the source told ET that they feel “certain members of the family are more focused on ratings and a paycheck than actually focusing on the issues at hand,” adding that some members of the Duggar family have “chosen not to participate in the special out of respect to the serious ordeal the family has been going through in the last months.”

Concerned with ratings and a paycheck? Say it ain't so. If the sisters would donate their earnings to charity, they could put that concern to rest, right?

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