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Different ways to do freeways


A reader encouraging Arkansas highway builders to think of a different way to move traffic through the heart of Little Rock than the proposed 30 Crossing 10-lane project sends more links about other cities with different ideas.

* KANSAS CITY: Here's a spirited discussion about closing the link of Interstate 70 through downtown.

* OKLAHOMA CITY: They tore down a stretch of freeway through the heart of town and came up with a plan to replace it with a boulevard. It also produced a new park. The highway department there is like ours in Arkansas, and has continued the fight for moving traffic faster.

Reader comments:

Funny how "red' states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are not just talking about removing freeways from downtowns, but are actually doing it. That probably means that there is money to be made by doing so. But it is win-win because a more walkable city is a higher quality of life for the residents, and it encourages new real estate development in the gigantic freeway rights-of-ways, which also makes the city more vibrant. The developers, designers, and builders make money, yes, but at least the city benefits too.

Highway builders here, including several on the city board, laugh at this kind of thinking.

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