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Keystone XL Pipeline rejected


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CNN reports that Secretary of State John Kerry has recommended that the United States reject the Keystone XL pipeline, concluding it is not in the country's national security interest.

Sen. Tom Cotton will be along any minute now saying the nation's security depends on shipping tar sands from Canada through a sensitive Nebraska aquifer to send to refineries where the crude can be turned into products to ship to China. And later in the day he'll raise more objections to an electric line carrying clean wind-generated energy across the nation's mid-section because the unsightly power lines would do harm to Arkansas landowners.

Rejection of the pipeline means a pipe plant in Little Rock that has already made and been paid for the pipe will not be able to temporarily hire tens of workers to ship the pipe.

UPDATE: Here's the official word, as reported by Vox. No, of course, giving a Canadian outfit the ability to use American soil to ship stuff overseas would do little for U.S. energy prices.

Among many statements from all sides with the predictable cheers and jeers, I liked this by Glen Hooks of the Sierra Club:

While the dirty Keystone XL project wasn't routed to come through Arkansas, today's rejection of the project is good news for our state and our nation. Stopping KXL is key to weaning ourselves from the dangers of fossil fuels and moving us toward a clean energy future. If we're going to stop global climate disruption, we must get away from fossil fuels—today is a big step in that direction.

"Instead of building a dirty and dangerous tar sands pipeline that threatens the health and well-being of the communities along the pipeline route, we are free to invest in clean energy that creates jobs. Here in Arkansas, clean energy jobs now number in the thousands—with more to come as technology improves and the prices for solar and wind energy become more and more affordable.  

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