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All Benghazi (and e-mails) all day with Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton testifies today before the House committee using Benghazi as a prextext to destroy Clinton's presidential candidacy.

It's being streamed live many places, including on NBC.

It's opening with a lengthy defense by Chair Trey Gowdy of his hit job. All those other investigations weren't thorough because, see, it's all about the e-mail.

Clinton begins with a recitation of other attacks in embassies and administrations and responses. She mentions Congress' failure to approve some recommended security changes. She urged the pane to "put national security ahead of politics and ideology." She said:

"We should resist denigrating the patriotism and loyalty of those with whom we disagree."

UPDATE: After the morning session, I'd say Clinton kept her cool while Republicans ranted over old ground, particularly Sidney Blumenthal.

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