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An open line, plus Conner Eldridge opens U.S. Senate race


SENATE CANDIDATE: Conner Eldridge.
  • SENATE CANDIDATE: Conner Eldridge.

Here's the open line on a lovely Saturday. Big football game tonight. My childhood favorite team, the unbeaten McNeese State Cowboys, roll into Conway tonight for a battle with UCA. If anybody knows if this game is viewable on a Comcast channel, I'd appreciate some guidance. I'm not allowed to add the ESPN app to my wife's iPad to watch it there.


* CONNER ELDRIDGE ANNOUNCES SENATE CAMPAIGN: Conner Eldridge used his family's farm equipment dealership in Augusta as the backdrop for the opening of his Democratic race for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Sen. John Boozman.

It wasn't a rip-snorting opener, but the election is more than a year away. He seems unlikely to have a Democratic primary opponent.

Eldridge said Washington was broken and that one senator could make a difference. He said his "small town values, family, faith and his experience as a businessman and a prosecutor have uniquely prepared him to fight for Arkansans and to represent them in the U.S. Senate."

The Associated Press' Andrew DeMillo hung his lead on Eldridge's call for a small business tax credit.

* BROTHER HUCK'S TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW: Mike Huckabee's cratering presidential campaign apparently is playing the God card full-time now, in hopes it will lift him again with the right-wing evangelicals that dominate the opening Iowa caucuses. In North Carolina today, a campaign event is styled as a "Stand with God, Pro Family Rally." God hates Democrats, see, He told Mike so. A few hundred turned out, many of them youngsters who looked like Duggar clones. Raw Story comments on how desperate Huckabee's rhetoric has become.

* GOP TREND LINES: Fabulous changing graphic on Real Clear Politics that track the candidates since October 2014. For example: Huckawho started at 11, now at 3. Rubio, some people's flavor of the day, has only moved from 7 to 10. Trump and Carson trend lines generally up, though not at their peak. They have it for Dems, too. Hillary down from where she started, but maintaining a wide gap.

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