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Texarkana and the (unconvicted) sex offender


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A story is developing in Texarkana that bears watching.

It concerns Ron Eitel, released from prison in Texas after serving 30 years on multiple rape convictions in Houston when DNA tests showed  that semen gathered in those cases did not come from him. His case, particularly his legal representation, was marked by irregularities. It's worth observing that Texas courts aren't known for leniency.

After release, Eitel moved to Texarkana. Despite the overturning of his convictions, he apparently was labeled a sex offender. The Texarkana police put out a warning on its Facebook page. That decision was cheered and jeered by commenters. Does he remain presumed guilty after his convictions were overturned, critics asked?

Now today comes this: Thursday, Texarkana police removed a 16-year-old female exchange student from the home of Eitel and his wife. She'd been living with the family for more than a year. They say they are investigating the possibility of charges. I don't know if they're right or if this is a case for the ACLU. Hope to find out more.


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